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Excuses And Half Truths presents Rob & Clive's Speakeasy

Oct 24, 2014

Clive and Rob are joined again by film-makers Maria Thomas and Simon Aitken as we revisit our May Summer Movie preview. Did we see the films we said we'd watch? Did we like the films we said we'd watch? Did we watch films we didn't say we'd watch? Did we film the watch we said we'd film?

From the game-changing Guardians...

Aug 25, 2014

Eat My Crescendo! 

This month on The Speakeasy, Rob and Clive are joined by actual honest-to-heck film composer Neil Myers. Along with adagio and strings from the mighty Keith Eyles, we highlight composers we think are unfairly overlooked, and pick out a soundtrack each that's a bit of a hidden gem. 


First movement...

May 10, 2014

All new, kind of different: Excuses And Half Truths Presents Rob & Clive's Speakeasy!


Live from our new studio in London's trendy Clerkenwell, The Speakeasy hits its first anniversary with a fresh coat of paint and a shoeshine.


Joining our intrepid podcastanauts on this new and exciting stage in our sonic journey...

Feb 14, 2014

We love documentaries, so it's only appropriate that we take the most love-drenched time of the year to talk about them. 


We're joined by long-time friend of Excuses And Half Truths, Dominic Wade, and chat about the ins, outs, throughs and overs of documentary film-making. 


Feel the love!

Nov 13, 2013

November. Cold, damp, and once you're past the Halloween/Bonfire Night twofer, there's nothing to look forward to until Christmas. Oh well, let's go to the pictures. 

Clive and Rob are joined by film-maker Simon Aitken, who braves the 50 Second Flash Film Challenge. We consider the vexed question of remakes, reboots and...