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Excuses And Half Truths presents Rob & Clive's Speakeasy

Jul 29, 2014

 In the second part of our epic podcast on Blake's 7, we explore cliffhangers, putdowns, ask what exactly went wrong with Season 4 and share our favourite episodes of the run. 


Standard by 8, we're heading for Star One...


(via the pub)

Jul 29, 2014

 Welcome to the first part of our gigantic overview of classic TVSF drama Blake's 7 - so big that we've had to split it in half! 


Clive and Rob are joined by X&HTeam-mates Chris Rogers and Keith Eyles in an exploration of the Blake's 7 universe. In this first part we spin through the characters, costumes and the...

Jan 14, 2014

Now that the dust has settled post-Xmas and everyone's yakking about Sherlock, we can take that all-important bit of critical distance and talk at length about Doctor Who. Seriously, one of these days when we talk about brevity being a necessity, we're going to mean it. Not this month, though. 

Rob and Clive are joined...